Sunday, July 8, 2012

Coffee Shops in Bangkok: Part Two - Kuppa

Sukhumvit Soi 16
Grade: 4 out of 10

It's listed in the Lonely Planet which is always mixed. Everyone knows this place.

Food and Coffee: The food at Kuppa can be really wonderful -and sometimes its just overpriced. I've eaten there several times and the best time was with my friend Tirana. We had a succulent Duck and Mandarin Orange salad with a tarragon viniagrette, Softshell Crab on a bed of daikon and carrots, and rice noodle rolls with mango and red pepper. Other times, it can be a bit hit or miss. A week later, I ordered the same Duck salad and they forgot to dress it. I had a chocolate milkshake which was chocolate powder, some milk, and crushed ice (yuk!). The coffee is nothing spectacular although they have their own roaster. The pizzas can be good. I have ordered white wine by the glass and it was lukewarm. However they have a dessert called a boom boom that is fantastic - a creamcheese brownie. Hit or miss.

Style: High soaring Loft ceilings, comfy leather couches, real artwork on the walls and a "artist's touch" - its a nice place to hang out. Its big and airy.

Ambience: the service is... "indifferent". The waiters are charming enough but they don't have to try. You can tell this is a hi-so restaurant that has been catering to business men and others for a long time. The last three times I've been there, I've had to ask them to please clean my table as it still had food and water spills on it. You must always flag down your waiter and ask for "extras" like salt and pepper. There are often big groups of "ladies who lunch" during the day and on the weekends, expats like to bring their children who run everywhere. Its not relaxing, nor is it conducive to working.

Overall:  A nice place to go when you've had enough of Asian food and need something "western-y" but for the cost, the service and food should be better. Still a lovely venue.

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