Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Serrano Ham and Parmesan Cheese Omelet

Today, i looked into the fridge and found:
Serrano Ham
Goat Cheese
Parmesean cheese
tuna fish
Green Peppercorns
Red Pepper
black olives

I decided to make an omelet. I sauteed shallots and a garlic clove in salted butter and added black pepper and thyme. I then ripped the Serrano ham in pieces and sauteed with the onions. After beating two eggs, I added them and then added a handful of parmesean cheese. I flipped the omelet and ate it with a glass of rioja. Pretty good.

The saltiness of the cheese was a bit overwhelming for the thin ham. I should have done it with the goat cheese instead or without cheese at all.