Saturday, July 7, 2012

Coffee Shops in Bangkok: Part Three - Little Spoon

Little Spoon Cafe
Asoke, Soi 3 in Sukhumvit, near Oceans Tower 2
Grade 7 out of 10

I've been to Little Spoon several times with my friend Carol who works across the street at the Oceans Tower 2 complex - a mammoth office building. Little Spoon is in a glassed corner above the din and busy street but somehow incorporating the garden elements of the Italian restaurant next door. 

Food and Coffee: The coffee is okay -nothing to write home about. I had an Iced Thai tea today that they normally serve with whipped cream. Its lacking the strength of the street teas I normally purchase but is inoffensive. The Ice Cream is very tasty with interesting flavors like banana and cheese, blue cheese, black sesame soy milk , normal strawberry and chocolate and Bannoffee. The desserts look delicious. 

Style: Blond scandinavian furniture, cute little neutral tone striped and polka dotted pillows, whimsical touches like an old sewing machine table and a rocking chair, and polished concrete floor - very nice, sweet, and somehow Asian while invoking Scandinavia for me. Relaxing, clean, and "cute". Someone reviewed it as Tokoyo "cutsie poo".They have some cute little things on the wall - a "Where the Wild Things Are" doll and some recipe books.

Ambience: Ubiquitous "lounge" music found in every upscale restaurant in Bangkok but heavier on Astrid Gilberto and bossa nova so today I'm happy with it. A bit "hipster" ish with cute bespectacled boys and short haired tomgirls working behind a counter who are giggling and flirting with each other. Strangely - no table service so you have to go pick up your coffee or ice cream yourself but they give you an adorable tray.

Overall:  Sweet little place in a busy rather humorless part of Bangkok. Good for a break. Nice to catch up with my friend when she can get a break. But I'm not sure I would make the effort to eat anything but dessert here. 

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