Friday, July 6, 2012

Coffee Shops in Bangkok: Part One - The Coffee Alley

So I decided to revamp my blog a bit and start reviewing the restaurants and coffeeshops I've been frequenting since becoming a freelance consultant. Not that I think anyone is out there reading but I want to contribute to the dialogue out here and help some other poor Western consultant looking for that magical combo of style, comfort, wi-fi, good coffee, and ambience.

Coffee Alley
Sukhumvit Soi 16, Bangkok (Thailand) | tel: 02-2588300
Grade: 8 out of 10

Food and Coffee: American Breakfasts served all day long! Good strong coffee in lovely mugs. I had a latte and it did not disappoint. It was piping hot, not all foam, and tasty.

Style: Very cute decor - in a little house with a garden. Lots of tables and chairs and not too crowded at 3pm on a Thursday afternoon. Just a hop skip and a jump down Soi 16 near Asoke BTS stop and near Long Table bar. A very nice little garden but I was feeling a bit too humid and sweaty to sit outside and read. And I wanted hot coffee, not an iced coffee.

Ambience: Free Wifi. No annoying "lounge" music like most places. Friendly male staff. Free Bangkok Post to read.

Overall: Really a lovely and nice little cafe. They serve Thai food as well for lunch but I didn't try it. I will try to come back and have some.

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