Saturday, February 5, 2011

Thai food!

So I've moved to Bangkok... of course one of the things that drew me here was the food! So far it has not disappointed... I haven't yet ventured into the street food but today I went to a food court in the poshest mall in Thailand - the Siam Paragon Food Hall.  It was overwhelming!

I had so much to choose from that I had to be really strict with myself and force myself to choose the first thing I saw that I wanted. Otherwise, I would have been crippled with indecision! So I had Hainanese Chicken and Rice (which I discovered in Singapore) which was delicious. Its so simple but so good that I learned how to make it at home just so I could have it again! I washed it down with some Thai Iced Tea (so sweet it made my teeth hurt) and to counter balance the sweetness of the Thai Iced Tea, for dessert I decided to have Green Papaya Salad which they prepared right in front of me.

After I fed the beast within, I wandered through the food court looking at everything for offer just for future reference. Next time - I can choose between the Pad Thai stand, the noodle soup stand, the curry stand, the sushi bar, the satay bar or if I want to wander away from Thai food, I can have noodles from Vietnam, Japan, China, Singapore, or even Italy! And for the more discerning palate, there is McDonalds, Burger King, and Dunkin Donuts!

I love food and I love choices in food and I love trying things that I have never had before. This is the sad thing about traveling alone. There is a guy that I really like who I wish was here with me in Thailand right now. I know he would be as happy as I am in the food court and we could plot our strategy as to what we would eat and taste everything - double the pleasure - double the fun!