Saturday, January 10, 2009

London Broil

Marinating a Top Round sirloin in a marinade from Joy of Cooking: 1 cup of red wine, some crushed black pepper, three cloves of garlic and a quarter of an onion.

It's marked as London Broil from the package but all the recipes in contain soy sauce or ginger which seems out of place in a traditional American beef dinner that my father so enjoys.

Will accompany with either home fried potatoes cooked in bacon fat and onion, mashed potatos with butter, or baked potatoes with sour cream. Also brussel sprouts quick sauteed with garlic and olive oil or broccoli served fresh with a squeeze of lemon.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Perfect Sunday Breakfast

Toasted english muffins topped with smoked salmon and fresh arugula with a squeeze of lemon with a soft boiled egg on top served with a cup of Prince of Wales tea with milk and sugar. Consume with Astrid Gilberto in background and sunday paper in front of you.