Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cooking Classes in Laos

Beerlao: the Wholehearted People's Beer!

Fresh Basil and chilis and pumpkins

Chilis and onions and garlic!

Banana Flowers and Banana Leaves and Bananas

Morning Market in Luang Prabang

Inside the Morning Market

Fresh Fish from the Mekong!

And some frogs!

Chili powders and dried mushrooms

Rice at the morning market

Pigs Heads and Pigs blood

Fish for sale

Chicken feet!

Dried squid

Gardens of the Tamarind Cooking Class

Tamarind Cooking Class

All the makings for Mok!

Cooking over charcoal

Giving the tomatos flavor

A chili dip with sticky rice

Cooking the Sticky Rice

The beginnings of Mok Pa

Mok Pa basics

Cooking Chicken in Lemongrass

The Buffalo Stew

Finished Chicken in Lemongrass

The feast!

Our teacher Joy!!!

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