Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cooking in Paris

So dinner is quite expensive in Paris and eating alone, while not terrible, is not my favorite thing to do. One of my favorite things to do is go to food markets and shop for fresh produce, however!

So today, I had lunch with a friend who showed me the nearest food market. He took me to his favorite bakery which had a lovely "formule" where you could get a sandwich/tartine/quiche, a cold drink, and one of their delectable desserts for only 6 Euros! We sat on the gazebo of a park nearby and talked about dating, love, and finding personal happiness while I munched on a delicious baguette filled with cornichons, sauccisson, and butter. My dessert was a delightfully creamy pudding/cake with fresh plums in it.

After he left to return to work, I strolled through the street market and bought some beautiful yellow plums, some ripe peaches, a bunch of flowers, and some fresh French radishes.

I'm also trying not to succumb to the bread in Paris - its so divine that its tempting to eat it with every meal. And pasta is easy but getting boring and also just as fattening as bread so Omelettes have been my go to meal for one...

Tonights dinner:

Mushroom and Picodon omelet over salad of Arugula and Bayonne ham:

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