Saturday, December 14, 2013

Malaysian Penang Food Adventure

My friend Jennifer and I spent a long weekend in Penang - an island off the coast of Malaysia. I have several Malaysian friends - all of whom assured me that the food in Malaysia is well worth the the trip. Since Air Asia flies there cheaply from Bangkok, off we went.

I tell you - if you are looking for a cheap and fun way to spend two days - go to Penang! They even produce a food map at the airport that you can pick up and just start trying everything they mention. You won't run out of options.

It turns out I don't love the Assam Laksa but i love curry Mee. And Hokkien Mee. Oh- so many delicious noodle dishes. And if you get bored, take a break with the food and go look at all the cool street art too!

From Wikipedia -
Penang cuisine is the cuisine of the multicultural society of Penang, Malaysia. Most of these cuisine are sold at road-side stalls, known as "hawker food". Penang has the reputation as being the "food paradise" in the region as it offers an diverse and exotic mix of Malay, Chinese and Indian cuisine, which reflects the multicultural mix of the city. It is popular among locals and tourists alike. Local Penangites mostly find these hawker fares cheaper and easier to eat out at any time of the day due to the ubiquitousness of the hawker stalls all around Penang. On February 22, 2013, Penang has ranked by CNN Travel as one of the top ten street food cities in Asia. 

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